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The Endless Walk Release

It's here! At last, Rohit Sawant's debut collection, The Endless Walk, is available online via all major distribution outlets. This book's had quite the journey, but the wait has been more than worth it. Be sure and order your copy today; readers of horror and weird fiction don't want to miss this atmospheric gathering of tales.

Advanced praise for The Endless Walk:

“I devoured Rohit Sawant’s The Endless Walk, which introduces a powerful new voice in horror. These stories skillfully navigate the strange boundary between the familiar and unfamiliar with depth and precision, offering up a variety of unique gems that all display Sawant’s singular and compelling voice. . . a must-read author who will appeal to fans of Thomas Ligotti, Christi Nogle, and other masters of the short form.” —Jo Kaplan, author of It Will Just Be Us 

“A rich collection of tales from the place where weird fiction intersects with horror, The Endless Walk is filled with a variety of nightmarish realities, unforgettable images, and chilling omens. I enjoy Sawant's precise and vivid prose as much as the lingering disquiet of these stories.” —Christi Nogle, author of The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future

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